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Audiobooks Narrated by Carol Monda

Carol Monda has narrated over 400 audiobooks in a wide range of genres including Mystery, Biography, Romance, History, Dramatic Fiction, Dramatic, Inspirational, Young Adult, Fantasy, Current Affairs & Politics, Sci-Fi, Western, Pulp Fiction and Humor. Carol is a two-time Audie Award-winner, recipient of the Audio Publishers Association Earphones Award and member of the Sag-Aftra National Audiobook Steering Committee.

Carol Monda has narrated for Recorded Books, Audible Inc., Harper Audio, Blackstone Audio, Hachette Book Group, Books On Tape, Brilliance Audio,, Clipper Audio, Academic Merit, Edge Studio, HighBridge Audio and METABOOK. Carol has been featured in interviews for VoiceOverxtra, TeenReads, Emily’s Reading Room and AudioFile Magazine. named her narration of Sara Gran’s Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway among the top 10 audiobooks of 2013, and put her in the top 10 for 2016 with her narration of Hard Light, by Elizabeth Hand.

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audiobooks narrated carol monda

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audiobooks narrated carol monda

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The Whisperer

“The Whisperer, another corkscrew-plotted serial-killer thriller, is one of the least plausible the genre has ever seen, and that’s setting a high bar. That this reviewer happily consumed the whole thing anyway is due in large part to the extraordinary performance of Carol Monda. The jeopardy: a torture-killer of young girls has a victim who may be still alive. The McGuffin: the team tracking him is made up of humans mostly as traumatized and cracked as the killer. Monda takes all these abnormal inner lives as seriously as she would Hamlet’s and makes them seem like people you could know, understand, and care about, all the while keeping the plot whizzing and dinging and bouncing around like a crazed pinball. Really a tour de force.”[Published: JULY 2012]

B.G., AudioFile 2012, Portland, Maine


Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway: Noir for a new age. Sara Gran’s mystical, hardboiled detective Claire DeWitt is back, and Carol Monda is the narrator born to voice her.

“Anyone can ‘do’ a hard-boiled PI voice, as Garrison Keillor proves once a week, but it takes an exceptional actor to truly inhabit such a character without stooping to camp. Carol Monda might have been born to narrate the Claire DeWitt novels (and in Gran’s fictional universe, destiny is not a force to be trifled with). She’s a fortysomething, chemically adventurous, bed-hopping, gun-toting, hard-boiled, socially dysfunctional, existentially New Age Nancy Drew, and Monda’s performance encompasses all those facets of her personality and more.

Her tight-jawed contralto is capable of conveying subtle vibrations of grief, yearning, pity, self-loathing and amusement, all emotions Claire masks with a manner that could out-stoic Sgt. Joe Friday.

“Mysteries never end,” Claire’s mentor once told her. “We close the file, and close the case, but that doesn’t mean we’ve found the truth, Claire. It only means we’ve given up on this mystery and decided to look for the truth someplace else.” It’s well worth following Claire wherever she decides to look, and doubly so when Monda’s along for the ride.”

Laura Miller, Salon